Day 2 at JFK

It’s up to you guys to fill me in because I missed it. What did you learn about? Did you do anything you’ve never done before?

Did it get you thinking?

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Research Topics

Land Transportation:

Highway Design, Transportation Planning, Traffic Signal Timing, Transportation Logistics, Public Transit, Railroad Transportation, Truck Operations, Traffic Flow, Electric vs. Gas Engines

Air Transportation:

Flight Theories, Measuring Aircraft Performance, Flight Instruments, Gravity, Air Navigation, Aircraft Space

Water Transportation:

Deep Sea Freight Transportation, Deep Sea Passenger Transportation, Inter-Coastal Waterway, Local Water Transportation, Ferries, Lighterage, Towing and Tugboat Services Marine Cargo Handling, Marinas

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Day 1 with NSTI

It was great to meet you guys today, I hope you enjoyed the walk- a little long but beautiful. Also , continue thinking about your research topics and all the aspects of transportation you heard about.  On your way home, keep an eye out for everything around you- land, water, and air.

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I am very excited to meet you all, we have a great week planned for us. Enjoy!

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Hello world!

Welcome to CityTech Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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