A Video from Start to Finish

My day to day varies at my internship from making pickups to sourcing stock footage and music to editing videos using Premiere Pro. On days I am editing, I am either making selects, editing a rough cut, or making changes to a rough cut from client feedback or feedback from my supervisor.

During my experience here, I have learned about the stages of video editing from start to finish. Selects are first made from the raw footage. As mentioned before, this involves picking out the best shots for the final edit. This compilation is known as a stringout. Using this, rough cuts are then made, which are drafts of the video. These are more refined—but still ways from finalization—assemblies that involves trimming, the input of audio, arrangement of the shots, etc. During this process, there may be many back and forths with the client until it is approved. At the same time, other employees such as the in-house director or the account manager may take a look at the video and offer their two cents as well. After given the green light, it gets sent to another company to be colored. Prior to this internship, I was not familiar with a “colorist”. In short, they are responsible for the final “look”, color correcting and grading the video.

Once the colored video is sent back to us, it is finally a finished piece.