Visually Enhanced Quote Project

For my three concepts of my chosen quote “Adventure Is out There!”, I mostly focused on a very literal idea of adventure:

In my first and photographic concept, I have intentionally chosen a photo of some body of water in which you can see both above and below the surface. Since “adventure” can be broken down to numerous different meanings, I went down the water “route” and further empathized the quote with my type treatment.  | pdf file

Because I imagine a more outdoor setting when I think of adventure, I chose mountains in this concept. I wanted to have the type to also visually depict the quote so I had a part of the mountains act as a letter “v”. | pdf file

The quote being from the movie Up, I wanted at least one of my concepts to resemble where it came from. Given that balloons play a huge role in the movie, it was a must to incorporate it. But instead of the balloons being tied to a house, I had them connect to the type/quote. | pdf file