NY Times Design Article

In the article, “An Exhibition That Proves Video Games Can Be Art” by Nathan Reese, a college museum in Massachusetts is displaying video games by designer, Jason Rohrer. This new exhibition shows that video games are not just a form of entertainment but also a form of art. In addition, not only are they displayed in Wellesley College’s Davis museum, but Rohrer’s possibly most popular game, “Passage”, can also be seen in the Museum of Modern Art. Yet, video games considered as anything but a way to enjoy yourself is still debatable. Roger Ebert, a film critic, argued that they are not and will never be art. However, he changed his mind a few months later admitting that he did not foresee the artistic potential of any video game.


Before even reading the article, I couldn’t agree more with how video games are/can be considered a form of art. Just like painting and drawing, video games can also be a way to express yourself. They can tell a story in an interactive way, allowing the player to “put themselves in it”, which is a unique way to appreciate and understand the story and/or message it might be trying to tell. Not to mention how I didn’t think that there could be a place for video games in a museum; it’s a really interesting idea and, I am now hoping that it will be more common in the near future.