Project #4

Downtown Brooklyn is an area that is composed of several different neighbourhoods. Everyone of these has its own look per say. Whether it’s on our way to work or to school, we all have our individual path to our destination. A given destination for example, City Tech, is located near New York Harbour, the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. Crossing the bridges, or crossing through nearby parks are several of the different ways to get to City Tech. We all have our preference whether its to leave the metro station and walk straight ahead to school. A detour is now what most people tend to do, we usually tend not to detour from our intended course. There are several detours that are viable and likely won’t cause delays.

The Brooklyn War Memorial, depending on whether entered from the west or the south, by foot or coming from Court Street Station, gives a pleasant and calm view and helps to give a sense of nature in a hustle and bustle of the downtown Brooklyn area, Though smaller than other parks it gives a sense of nature. A brief touch of nature to an abundance of concrete and steel as other high-rise buildings are going up. A little further ahead south, Borough Hall from outside the station can be seen and looks quite elegant.

An alternate point is the Borough Hall station. Just exiting the station, the Borough Hall building being juxtaposed with modern developments such as a Sephora, Starbucks, a Fedex printing office and a number of small businesses almost make the Hall look out of place or outdated with its surroundings. It’s still a historical and beautiful building. Wandering through this area brings a sense of history and getting a glimpse into what 1800s Brooklyn looked like. Walking through a detour like this shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

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