Aural Topographies: Research

The song I used to research a little of visualizing sound was Unkiss Me, by Maroon 5. The beginning of the song had a sharp sound, almost like you scraping something, maybe steel or so. It had that deep rhythm, then it slowly became to go smoothly, like a straight line just smooth. My favorite part came up, the drums booming to the rhythm and the tone was deep but then high and low waves. If you can imagine the beat of the drums, its like from small balls then drastically to big balls, then back to small and it goes to a pattern. It’s a sharp pattern with high and low tones.

You would get confused in a way with so much sound in the background and when you have the pencil on the paper you just don’t want to let go it just keeps on going without stopping. It was great researching this song, you could feel and hear the rhythm, it’s very obvious and it was really fun to go deep into sound.

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