View From My Window : Research

I usually don’t look through my window and see what’s going on outside , but I come to realize that sometimes I should. So, I did ! I started to visualize what I see right through my window frame, and I found some interesting things that never catches my eye. I see a semi-tall tree right in front of my neighbor’s house which faces me. This tree has been there since the day I was born, and during the Spring time it blossoms beautiful small flowers. Not only do I see the tree, but I see the sky above it, which really makes my morning. It has  these weird multi-colors, that you seem like your in a different planet. It could become like this pink to purple color, and sometimes its this green and blue color. The clouds becomes weird looking shapes that blends in with the colors. These colors remind me a lot of galaxies in space. Sometimes, on that tree, I see birds that like to rest under the shadows of the leaves, and my neighbor throws bread so that they can eat. I think that is samaritan when it comes to animals, because they need food just like we do. Through this window frame it give me a aesthetic pleasure, because with my visualization and my imagination I see art.

1 thought on “View From My Window : Research

  1. Priya Maharban

    Nice job describing what you see out your window! I like how you went into detail on the tree it really gives a good image. To go with the guidelines, you maybe could have talked about the shape of things like the tree and other things a bit more.


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