Working at Viacom has been a great experience. I learned a lot of about how an app for a big brand like MTV is created. In essence I learned about how media companies like Viacom develop apps for their many channels that they own. There is a lot of steps in designing an app that will satisfy their users. From user testing sessions to researching competitors it all comes into play when designing the right app.

I was happy that this internship was not just  a place where I would be doing administrative task. I was part of a team and I helped as much as possible to design something that will actually be released out into the public. I learned about bonding as a team, the importance of communication and the social structure in a corporate company like Viacom. There is a lot of design rules in Viacom and it seems like they limit your sense of creativity, but I believe that is a good thing because having a set path can help bring out the product quicker and see from the feedback of the user if there is anything to change.

I am happy to have Jason as my supervisor because he was always there to keep in check with me. I stepped out of my  boundary of working quietly and actually spoke up to him if I think anything was wrong with the work. I would ask a lot questions and even when I don’t know anything I was not afraid to ask questions. Working at Viacom has gave me experience in what it is like to design for a corporate company. Best of all there were a lot of perks for working at such a big company such as free conferences and attending free events.