I want to improveĀ at my coding skills in order to design aĀ better website in the future. In order to do that I have to rely on website that have tutorials to teach me how to code a certain language. Websites like Code Academy is great when I’m on my laptop. However, what about when I’m on the train or waiting fro a stop. I can rely on this app called Enki. It is a great app for android that helps me improve my coding skills by providing me information similar to code academy. It provides me fun mini gamesĀ and quizzes for any programming language out there. This app was provides help with languages like JavaScript, Python, CSS, HTML, git, Linux and Java. It hasĀ Ā tips, tricks and best practices . Ā Enki has definitely helped improve my skills in using programming languages like JavaScript to help improve my web design. The only downside is that the app is on an invite only basis and you need to sign up at their website for an invite code.