I wasn’t available to go to the Cooper Hewitt with the Internship class, but I was able to go there alone during the weekend. I think it was the same day when they had the New York Marathon going on because as I was heading there I saw people cheering fro runners near the park. I didn’t know it was free for CUNY students to go to Cooper Hewitt when I paid for it online, but it didn’t matter much to me.

At the Cooper Hewitt I was given a pen and explain that it was a digital logged pen where you record anything interesting you found at the Museum and save it in your pen. It was similar to a Pinterest where anything you see you can save it and show it on your dashboard of all the things that you recorded. I found that interesting and kept in mind when looking at pieces at the museum. Honestly, there wasn’t anything that peaked my interest. I did like seeing the miniature architecture buildings and some of the porcelain┬ávases were shiny and great to see on display. ON the third floor was filled with people’s architectural work but nothing that was worth noting. I did record somethings with the pen but I found ti too much of a gimmick.

Overall I did enjoy my time there and it was great to see historical pieces of art that you don’t usually see at a grander museum like the Met or MoMa. The digital pen log was a nice plus.