Every Wednesday afternoon all the design teams in the Viacom Music and Entertainment department would have a meeting together. I dont’ often attend these meetings because this is the same time that I would have my internship class. However, when I do go it is quite interesting. I was able to meet the Vice President of Product Design, Jon who is the head boss of Jason. I was also able to meet the team working on MTV news and events.

During these meetings there are different things going on each week. There would be critiques on the designs on team is working on. A review on a certain user testing sessions a team has went through. In general it is a meeting that helps understand what other teams are working on. This is sort of a bigger version of my daily meeting with my own team. I believe having these big meetings is great in order to bond with the other design teams. Jon, our head boss in the whole department believes highly in forming a relationship with other designers in order to build a better product for Viacom. I agree that communication is key when working in a team and it can help when you need to design a better app for people to use.