The Power of Taking the Big Chance (Article Summary)

The Power of Taking the Big Chance

Steve Jobs was an innovator in the technology field; he was the captain of product design and always pushed his team to the most extreme in order to produce better quality ideas to satisfy consumers. He is the reason why Apple is Apple today; he made apple products desirable to consumer, from desktops, laptops, iPods and mobile phone. Jobs was always pushing his ideas and thinking about the consumer, when in 2007 just six weeks before the introduction of the iPhone he made his team come up with a new design. Jobs argumentations was that the face of the iPhone would to be glass instead of plastics because plastics get scratch easily and would a flaw of design for the users of the phone.

During Job’s absence in the Apple Company, Jobs created NeXT in 1985, a computer company that was technologically advanced for the given time but not a success commercially wised. The World Wide Web was created on a NeXT computer. NeXT target was education and business. NeXT computer where very expensive for that market at that time, NeXT software is Apple’s core operating system today. Job’s would recognize any mistakes even if they were his mistakes, if he was proved wrong he would embrace that he is wrong. Money for Steve Jobs was not the main motivation for work, because he loved what he did at work, you know what they say; find something you love to do and you will never work again.

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