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City Tech 101 Professional Development

City Tech 101 Professional Development

Prof. Karen Goodlad

This is a space for faculty members who are preparing to facilitate CT101 to work together.

HMGT Academic Advising

Prof. Karen Goodlad

Advice, tips and resources from faculty, staff and students to ensure all Hospitality Management students can design their own path to graduation.

Peer Advisement

Program to increase retention of female students in engineering technology programs.

Architecture Internships / Jobs

Ken Conzelmann


First-Year Writing Professional Development

This project is for faculty participating in professional development for the First-Year Writing program at City Tech.

Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)


Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)




Students will work in teams of four; each team will provide a rationale for investigating the apparel and textile complex in one of the following regions of the world.

BUF 4900 project

Farhana Upan

This project contains an Introduction, courses, internship, resume, and cover letter

WeBWorK on the OpenLab

Jonas Reitz, K. Andrew Parker

WeBWork on the OpenLab is a place where you can ask questions and discuss WeBWorK homework problems, and also see what other students have been asking. Visit the project site to see it in action!

MAT 1275 Course Hub

Jonas Reitz, Ariane Masuda

Central resource site for MAT 1275 College Algebra and Trigonometry, with syllabus, lessons, review sheets, WeBWorK and other resources for students and faculty.

Communication Design Student Research

Communication Design Student Research

Dan Wong

2021 Fall Emerging Scholars Program

Construction Management and Civil Engineering Peer advisement


Welcome to the Peer advisement page for the CMCE Department! Our main goal is to increase the retention of females within our department, but our services are available to all students! Lamia Mahren, Denise […]