I like music by ManJie Wu

I like listening to music.  Listening to music is a kind of enjoyment for me.  Every time I listen to music, I feel very happy.  I like to listen to music while I am writing homework or drawing.  My favorite way to listen to music is to wear headphones, which makes me more immersed in music.  But a bad habit of putting on headphones to listen to music is that I like to turn the volume up to the maximum.  So now I only wear headphones when I’m outside, and I don’t wear them often at home.

Scene 1: When I can’t concentrate on homework, I tap on my phone to play music.  I feel a lot more comfortable, and I start to concentrate on my homework.

Scene 2: Before going out, I checked what I wanted to bring, and found that I forgot to bring headphones, so I hurried to the room to look for it.  In a bunch of earphones, I found the earphones I wanted to wear out and put them on.  Then close the door.

Scene 3: On the way to the supermarket, I feel lonely when I am walking alone.  Then put on the headphones, and I feel that I am not so lonely.

Scene 4: Doing listening to music on a chair in the park, feeling and enjoying everything.

Scene 5: Listening to music for a while before going to bed, I was shocked after putting on headphones because the volume was too loud.  Turn down the volume and then fell asleep.