Research Projects

April 2018 – Service Learning Project for Public Health

Happy Food Makes Happy Teeth

This presentation was to educate kids on the importance of their nutritional diet and how it affects their oral health. This presentation allowed me to observe the behavior of kids and their eating habits. With this information I can motivate kids to have a healthy nutritional diet which benefits their oral health.


December 2017 – Research Project for Oral Pathology

Odontogenic Tumors 

This research project gave me insight on the etiology, clinical presentation, demographic, biopsy, histology, radiographic appearance, and differential diagnosis for Odontogenic Tumors. Learning about Odontogenic Tumors can help me make differential diagnosis of similar tumors.


March 2017 – Spring Fair Scientific Poster Board

Type II Diabetes and Periodontal Disease

This group project discussed how Type II Diabetes and Periodontal Disease can have an effect on one either. With obesity rising in America, diabetes is becoming more common. Through this project, I can now educate diabetic patients on the importance of controlling their diabetes and how diabetes and periodontal disease is bidirectional.