With a background in lighting and video, I had to find a project that fit me perfectly- a project that would challenge my mind, something that I would be proud to share, and something that would complete all of the effort spent during my several years at City Tech. I have always been fascinated by technology and particularly in the entertainment world. Projection mapping is for me one of the most captivating areas and learning the mystery of this discipline would improve my chances of breaking into this advancing video world.

Two of the most common pieces of software used today to do projection mapping are Watchout 6 and d3. Professionally, these are the pieces of software that are most likely to make me the most desirable employee. For this project I will be learning both of these and reporting back on their strengths and weaknesses. From the knowledge I have at the present I am aware that they have a very different workflow processes. Watchout works better when you are already installed the final space, while d3 allows you to work virtually. My goal with this project is to explore this along with other subjects in each program such as:

  • Creating masking different
  • Creating an array
  • Importing and projecting on mesh (3d model imports)
  • Blending multiple projectors on one surface both in 2d and 3d
  • Manipulating timeline
  • Projecting on both 2d and 3d objects
  • Integrating with UV mapping