Michael V Cannetti| HE87 16050 | Fall 2021

Vlog Post 3

This is assignment Post location for Vlog Post 3. I want to know some of the challenges you are facing during the production process of your final project.

Take a minute and record your thoughts. Post them to your YouTube or Vimeo Account. Copy the link to the video in the comments section below.

This assignment is due 10/31/2021.

The last day you can turn this assignment in is 11/30/2021.


  1. Yayoi

    Hi Here is link for Vlog 3

    • Michael Cannetti

      Great job, thank you for sharing.
      Let’s talk further about your lighting concerns.

      -Michael Cannetti

  2. Nathalie Quito

  3. Jorge Buenabad

  4. Kyle Nam

    Here is my YouTube link: https://youtu.be/MLapmSLNRfE

  5. klever quinde

    here’s my 3rd vlog

  6. Alex

    Here’s my third blog!

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