For Thursday 9/30/2021 you are to write your rough draft of your script for your final project.  This must be based on one of the three story ideas you submitted for your Logline and Outline assignment. 

  • The script must be at least 1 page without counting the title page.
  • There must be a title page.
  • The script must be written in Courier New Font.
  • The script must be 12 point font with 1 inch margins all around.
  • The script must have at least 1 character.
  • The script must have at least 2 lines of dialogue that can also be written as voice over.
  • The script must be emailed to me at as a PDF.  If it is not a PDF points will be taken off.

For every week that it is late one letter grade will be taken off.  

If it is not in by 10/20/2021 it is a zero for the assignment.