In our second class we went over our Loglines and Outlines sharing ideas and providing feedback to each other. We worked more in Adobe Premiere Pro learning some basic editing techniques. We discussed some important definitions. We talked about what it means to give and receive feedback. We discussed our vlog post assignments. We talked about the homework assignments. We looked at affordable video equipment.

Remember, the next class is Wednesday 9/22/2021 on Zoom and then in person on 9/29/2021.

Homework Assignments until then.

Editing Assignment 1. Raw Footage is in the One Drive Folder. Must be posted on Vimeo or Youtube and Link Embedded in the Assignment Post on Openlab.

Peer Feedback on Logline and Outline on Openlab.

Vlog Post 1 must be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo and Posted to Openlab.

Reminders will be sent out.

Lecture 9/1/2021

Sample Scripts.

Vlogging and Video
Lapel Microphone
Smart Phone Rig
LED Light