Peer Feedback for Logline and Outline.

In this assignment you are required to pick two of your classmates and provide them with constructive feedback on all three of their loglines and outlines.

Feedback should be no longer than 4 sentences. Make sure to offer suggestions, insight, and helpful ways to improve on their ideas. You must post the feedback in the comments section of Assignment 1, the link is Below:

Assignment 1

Make sure to mention the student by name whom you are offering feedback to:

Example: Hi Johnny, I thought your first logline and outline about the man who is searching for his lost dog was really interesting. It feels like a really relatable story and something people can connect with. You may want to think of a location that you can have some control over so that you aren’t really searching for a lost dog. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

This assignment is due by Friday 9/3/2021 at 11:59pm EST.