Michael Cannetti | OL15 11310 | Summer 2021

Cameron S – Assignment 1

Logline: Teenager tries to land skateboarding trick

Outline: Tristan, a casual skater, has lately been more infatuated with skateboarding and decides he would love to learn some tricks himself. He decides to order a new board and immediately takes it outside for a test run. He begins skating and keeps trying to do what he’s seen in videos but fails. With more practice, confidence, and perseverance, Tristan finally lands the trick and is ecstatic.

Logline: Friend trains to beat other friend in video game

Outline: After being beaten miserably by his friend Marcus, Jordan becomes very frustrated. Jordan then watches endless hours of tutorials, practices day in and day out, all in an attempt to beat Marcus. They finally face again, and while doing much better, Jordan still just falls a tad bit short. Defeated, but not completely giving up, Jordan continues his training in hopes to finally take a game off Marcus. After more hours of practice and learning, Jordan challenges his friend again. Jordan feels confident, and rightfully so, as he manages to finally win convincingly.

Logline: Person walks into room, forgetting why they’re there

Outline: Cameron is sitting in his living room and realizes he needs some new batteries for his remote control, but decides to wait til after his show finishes to go find some. After getting up and going to his room, Cameron completely forgets why he even went upstairs, circles around a bit and ponders, then eventually goes back downstairs. After getting back to the living room and attempting to change the channel, Cameron realizes exactly what he forgot and actually goes to get batteries this time around.


  1. Nicholas Vlassis

    Hi, Cameron S.
    Teenager tries to land skateboarding trick.

    I like your idea for the skateboarding is simple, taking pictures and videos with friends skateboarding in the park is awesome, also Tristan tries not to give up himself learning his own new tricks. This story shows positive how the person won’t give up. Do you have location where people can skate? If yes I would love see how capture video how people can skate it a lot a practice. Im looking forward to see skaters doing amazing tricks.

    Friend trains to beat other friend in video game.

    This is more exciting it reminds me one of my friends house killing themselves who’s going to be the best. There is a lot ideas you can use racing games, fighting games, shooting games. Which video games is going to be? Like any type of games. Or you can find which game is more difficult for multiplayer? so Jordan can practice harder. And which system console you’ll use? This is amazing story and would be great to see it.

    Person walks into room, forgetting why they’re there.

    This is a perfect example how people watching their favorite TV( what kinda TV suppose to be in the show, TV series, or game show like Jeopardy) its fun how people forget to get batteries from upstairs that’s great (it happens a lot to me), but I would never forget how did my friend forgot the pizza in the oven was burned ( it smells bad in the house thank god his house didn’t got burned). You can use that story to make it more crazy if you have more ideas I would love to see it. Im looking forward to see more stories.

    Nicholas Vlassis

  2. Yiqiang Wang

    Hello, Cameron, your story is great, but I have some suggestions for you.

    Logline: Teenager tries to land skateboarding trick
    Filming skateboarding is a good subject, but there are still some dangers when shooting dynamic motion shots. So please take safety measures when filming.

    Logline: Friend trains to beat other friend in video game
    The second story, you are very good to Jordan adhere to the spirit of not giving up. But I don’t think it would be better to replace video games with other things, such as sports or learning.

    Logline: Person walks into room, forgetting why they’re there
    The third story, I think most people have the same experience, so it can arouse people’s resonance. But I think when Cameron comes downstairs, it’s because he sees something that he thinks he needs a battery. I know that in our daily life, we may suddenly think of what we need, but if we don’t express clearly why we think of it in the film, it may make the audience unable to understand.

    Thank you very much.

  3. Zhigang Wen

    Hi, CAMERON S.

    Teenager tries to land skateboarding trick
    This is the plot that makes people feel positive, but the only thing I’m curious about is how to find the place. I‘m looking forward to the day when this plot is filmed.

    Friend trains to beat other friend in video game
    Haha, the storyline is very interesting and also reminds me of the defiant competition between me and my friends in Rainbow6. I lost every time, but I verbally did not concede defeat and still wanted to do it again. The two people in the storyline also let me see the feelings of the relationship between Naruto and Sasuke, who are good friends but compete with each other. This is really a very interesting plot, I hope you can make it soon.

    Logline: Person walks into room, forgetting why they’re there
    I think I personally can play this role perfectly. This is a situation I think everyone experiences, it’s like an out-of-body experience. It is clear that there is a purpose, but the purpose is forgotten. Looking forward to your work。

  4. Mercedes Alvarez

    Story 1- I think this is a great idea. You show his desire to learn something new, the struggles he faces, and finally his success. If you have the resources to film this I’d love to see your idea come to life!
    Story 2- I like the story line but when I picture it in my head I feel like the film would mainly contain a person sitting in front of a computer playing a game. Maybe to add more action you can change video games for something that would require more content and progress.
    Story 3- This is such a funny idea! I’m sure this has happened to everyone, we walk in somewhere and completely forget what we were there for. I like how you end it with him coming back to change the channel and realized the remote is what he needed. I would definitely enjoy watching how you execute this one!

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