Group#11 Yuling,Mikayla, and Johnson

The concert we are going to see is “Julliard┬áWind Orchestra” on 10/11/15, Sunday in Paul Recital Hall.

The website:

This concert is conducting by Patricia Rogers, a member of Julliard faculty and principal basso of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Julliard is largest and most visible performing ensemble and also led by numerous world-renowned guest conductors. Since this is the first time for three of us to watch a real orchestra, we are very excited about it and we believe this concert will result a great experience to us.  We can hear the loud vibration by just imagine it.


One thought on “Group#11 Yuling,Mikayla, and Johnson

  1. Mikayla Z.

    I went to electronic music concert and piano solo concert before. I would like to go to different style music concerts. This Mozart Serenade No. 11 in E-flat major, K 375 contains a lot of different instruments. For example, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, and horns. I watched this video in YouTube, it really surprised me. and I really enjoy this kind of brisk and lively music.


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