Concert posts

Remember 3 step process for completing this the blogging assignment:

  1. Each group posts 1 entry per concert (you can even do this from your device in class during group time).
  2. Then, each individual posts as a reply to this post a media link regarding the concert accompanied by a few sentence description of that link. Review the assignment guidelines for details on acceptable media links. Unacceptable media links will not receive credit!
  3. Each individual includes a 1-paragraph statement/preview in their reply discussing their initial thoughts about the concert and what they’ve learned about the program, venue, performer, composer etc. so far.

Many concerts presenters publish the program (what pieces are to be played) in advance. This is good because you can listen and choose a piece to focus on before you go to the concert. Remember, your final paper and presentation need only deal with 1 short piece, or 1 movement from a larger piece!

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