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Museum experience.

The museum was great. I learned a lot, there were a lot of things that interested me. one of them was this


This is a section where countless tools were displayed. You can walk in between them to get a better view of it.


This one I really like. I like drawings and painting so this one spoke to me and caught my eye,

Overall I learned so many things at this trip. I’ve seen how many design principles were used to create different compositions such as quilts, posters, chairs dress, paintings, drawings and so forth.











What I learned was that there many possible outcomes in order to make Hue, saturation. and value. Also it was very interesting how you can use different colors to make different compositions.


Project 3 thoughts

There are many things that I learned in project 3. One of them was that it took a long time for some of the projects, such as the painting process. The gauche was very difficult. I need more practice with it to pull of certain swatches and strokes so it didn’t look sloppy. What I also learned was that I needed to be patient and take my time doing each hatching for the pen portion of the project. On the first attempt the ink hatching was bad. Ink lines would be out of the boxes and looked unprofessional. I had to take my time on the second try and use a ruler to even out the lines. Overall the project was okay I learned a lot and gain experience for future projects.

Scale design

I like the the design principle scale. The reason why is because I love how you can design something only by adjusting how big or small the object is. By having scale you can create movement, rhythm and spacial depth.

Here are some examples of scale:

WP_20150312_001[1] WP_20150312_002[1]WP_20150312_003[1]

There are many things that I learned about this project. One of the things that I learned was the craftman ship needs to be exact.  Cutting with the xacto knife wasn’t easy and it required a good amount of patience and practice. Another thing that I learned while doing this project was the basic design principles of value, placement, composition and so forth. Also the idea of repetition.


Texture 85 by Voyager168

Texture that looks cool.

Grunge texture Wallpaper

A concrete texture that looks like the real thing.

Brick texture that has a nice design.

I like this texture it has a a digital feel to it.

Woven basket that has a nice dynamic to it.