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This week’s freewrite: https://forms.gle/18YsQceaHWYQbBaEA

Selected quotes from Activity 01:

Quotes from this week's Activity 01
 "A digital world is also going to help education. […]  A better world is made out of education.“ (Negroponte)
"People spend their lives very connected, but also very alone. And that in some ways reminds me of what it's like to be in the city, where you have a lot of weak ties. A lot of ties on the basis of hi, hi, hi, hi. But yet you feel at the end of the day, who do I really know, who's really there for me.” (Shlain)
 “I think privacy is an illusion anyways, so i'm not as worried as other people because I felt privacy never existed anyways. I think anything I put, that I type out is public.” (Shlain)
“Analogue and digital live together in a single world, that’s the way it is.” (Antunez)
“There weren’t many social changes because people were talking about the tools, and these tools don’t get socially interesting until they get technologically boring.” (Shirky)
“The broadband coming into your apartment should be regulated in the same way that the water coming into your apartment is.” (Todd)
“What we see now are these people that are using their tools to synchronize their opinions that we all agree on.” (Shirky)
“Everyone shifted in the same way that everyone shifted in the industry revolution. Even the people that left behind the farm during the move to cities and the rise of the steam engine. Even the people left behind on the farm left behind had their lives changed. Even the people who are not using not using computers, who don’t have cell phones in their pockets, not using the internet are going to have their lives altered and are now having their lives altered  by this change.” (Shirky)

Instructions for this week’s in-class activity:

What We’re Doing
STEP 0. Go into breakout rooms.
Elect someone responsible for ‘chairing’ the discussion – making sure all positions are elected, making sure that everyone has a chance to speak.
Elect one of you to be responsible for recording, who will take notes on the discussion and submit them on your group’s behalf via #classnotes on Slack.
Elect someone to be responsible for reporting back to the wider group.
STEP 2. What we’re doing
Select a quote to discuss.  What story does this tell about the future? How could this story be changed by our involvement?
Briefly discuss, drawing from your own responses.   What new perspectives emerge?
Breakout rooms, election + discussion. (10 minutes.)
Main channel, report back. (10 minutes.)
Main channel, full class feedback (5-10 minutes.)

Instructions for follow-up activity before class 04:

Before next Monday (class 04), working with the people who were in your breakout groups:
1) Select one specific example of technological development or innovation.  
2) Discuss this innovation, drawing from the insight you gained from the article and in your conversations with each other, using the following framework as your guide: 
1. What order does it impose on the world? 
What order does this technological development impose on the world?   What change does it seek to make in the world?  How does it make a difference?
2. What is the existing situation, and the preferred outcome? 
What is the world like before this innovation?  What might the world look like if this innovation were widespread and adopted by everyone?
3. What is the plan to achieve this purpose?
How does this innovation produce change in the world?How does it change people’s ideas, their physical or emotional or mental being, their relation to the world and to each other?
3) Post a 250-500 word summary of your discussion in #classnotes before Monday’s class begins.

To do:

Activity 02 (due 02/08), see instructions on #activity02 or on the Activities page.

Activity 01 followup (due 02/06, see above, post to #classnotes)

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