Hello people!

I hope you are staying healthy and strong in this strange time. I’m very much looking forward to seeing everyone’s book cover/album art. Perhaps “lockdown” has given you a moment to read a book that needed a new cover.

To facilitate “distance learning” I have put links to all your portfolios in the sidebar. This way we can easily pull up your work.

Please download Adobe Audition by tomorrow. Here is a pdf with instructions on how to download the Adobe Creative Suite

So, I’m excited to see you all tomorrow at 6 PM. I want to try to have a critique tomorrow.

Here is the link:

Meeting ID: 666 648 083

This is how it’ll work: You will click on the zoom link that I’ll provide here and via email. Once we’ve checked in and made sure all the technology is working I will switch to screen view so that we can all see the project – I’ll then toggle back to the conference to discuss. (We can also see how split-screen works. Again this is an experiment so we’ll have to be a bit flexible but please make sure to have everything uploaded.

We will be moving on to the wonderful world of sound!  I know we have several experts in the class – so please, please let’s do this collectively!