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Suly Paredes – Reading Respsonse!

From the moment the internet was invented, and people began getting accustomed using surfing the world wife web, the performance in ones life changed. From doing research for class projects to virtually chatting with others around the world, society started … Continue reading

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Suly Paredes- Hypermedia Map!

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Suly – Linkage-Borges, Bush, etc.

Technology is increasing very rapidly. Some are able to handle the dramatic changes, and other aren’t. i for once am able to follow with the speed of the changes, therefore, if I were given a choice to either take the … Continue reading

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Getelman/Murray – Suly Paredes

The potentiality of reaching a goal to anything can be far beyond anything anyone can imagine. Mankind will always and forever continue to evolve and create new things to help make society better. In my opinion, I believe that the … Continue reading

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