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Ian Hodgson & Rosa Lee Mid -Term

Ian Hodgson & Rosa Lee “Cyberpoling” Mid – Term Topics & Perspective’s Professor Adriane Wortzel Due Tuesday 03/20/2013 Internet Search Engine Keywords: Cyberpol = internet policing agency (Virtual authority) Commissioned by the IWIC Cyber poling = The act of patrolling … Continue reading

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Surveillance Lead Response

In this article it describes in detail the model of surveillance as a whole.  Of coursed surveillance model originated with authority in one way or another but has evolved as communication and technology has advanced.  The question at hand is … Continue reading

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Preposal Paper

Ian Hodgson & Rosa Lee Invention Pre-Proposal CYBERPOLE Topics & Perspectives Professor: Adrianne Wortzel   CYBERPOLE Cyberpole is an organization commissioned by the IWIC to in short authority/ police the Internet and it’s associated cyberspace environments.  Cyberpole it self is … Continue reading

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Journal Entry for Wish List Project

The major resistance of governing the internet seems to be the freedom of usage but at what cost to society do we allow these freedoms when in a sense our way of life is affected and or threaten enemies home … Continue reading

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Invention Wish List

Ian Hodgson Emerging Technologies Invention Wish List   Concept I My first wish list conceptual item would be the governing of the internet.   I compare the current state of the internet to an old book “The Lord of The Fly’s”.  … Continue reading

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Ian H. Hypermedia Map-Due Feb. 27


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Intro/Invention – Ian

Salutations to me fellow student body, my name is Ian Hodgson and I’m an aspiring Graphic Illustrator (a term i coined myself).  For those of you wondering what exactly constitutes a graphic illustrator and how it differs from a graphic … Continue reading

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Ian Hodgson -entry

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