William Maldonado’s-Two Pitches

William Maldonado

Two Pitches

Sony has come out with a smart watch that has a very simple UI that is similar to that of an android smartphone, the watch also give notifications of when you receive a message on social networking apps such as Facebook and twitter. There is also separate apps that notify when you get a text message or a phone call and when you receive a phone you look at the watch and will display the name or picture and name of the person you who’s calling you without taking out the phone from your pocket same thing as when you receive a text message it will show from who is it and also display the text. Sony’s watch also works as music player and plays music that you have stored in your phone. It does all of this through bluetooth connectivity with your phone.




Another smart watch called Pebble that was a project funded by raising money on kickstarter.com has also been released. This smart watch similar too the Sony smart watch you will get notifications and also be able to view text messages you receive to your phone on the watch, it also is a music player. The difference is that it has an e-paper display similar to the kindle and you go through the functions of the watch pressing the buttons on the sides of the watch. The watch is also water resistant and can monitor the speed and distance of your early morning jog and if you decide to run at night it has a backlight. The Watch is also customizable in the way it looks and displays time.



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