Journal #3

This week I have researched some of the information that Professor. Baker has given me. He has sent me a link to Wikipedia containing information on shape shifting objects. There is also information on what those objects are and how they are used in different ways. For example, shape memory alloys have been applied to robotics, medicine, dentistry, and even engines. The first step towards the discovery of the shape-memory effect was made in the 1930s. The United States Navel Laboratory first developed the nickel-titanium alloys in 1962–1963. It was commercialized under the trade name Nitinol The properties were discovered by accident. A sample that was bent out of shape many times was presented at a laboratory management meeting. One of the associate technical directors, Dr. David S. Muzzey, decided to see what would happen if the sample were subjected to heat and held his pipe lighter underneath it. The sample stretched back to its original shape


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