Journal #2

Kenneth Adams

Re Imagine Project

The Shape Shifting Key: Journal # 2

I wanted to invent a key that’s will benefit the elderly and disabled. Many elderly tend to lose things or forget where they are.  There are tons of doors and locks that exist in this world. We have our house keys, car keys, work keys, and others. These are one too many keys to hold on to for some people. To help prevent the loss of a shape-shifting key, I wanted to implement a tracking system.  In order to do this, I will have to do some research on how tracking technology is made. Also, on how I can put that into such a small device.  A tracking device will not only work in loss preventions favor, but it will benefit security as well. If the key is stolen, the police through this system can retrieve it.
I have done some research on shape shifting objects. Buffalo university has spent some time working shape shifting materials.

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