Journal #1

Kenneth Adams

Re Imagine Project

Shape shifting Key Journal # 1

In order to complete my project I would have to do a bit of research on keys and locks.  Changing the shape of a key can be a difficult task. Keys are naturally built to be solid. I would like to know what can make a key able to be molded. I want a particular key that can change its shape to fit into any lock wanted.  There is going to be more technology behind this invention. I would need to research how the key will respond to the lock. Will it be done electronically or manually. Misuse of this key can lead to an increase of crime taking place. I would need to research how to prevent someone from gaining access to this key without permission. Maybe a finger print system can be implemented.
One problem of mine could be how this key can store information inside of it. The purpose of the key would be to open any lock for the user. There could be a way to insert a chip inside of it to store data of the locks. This will also help with a security issue. If there is only a few locks the key can open due to data, it can prevent criminals from stealing and entering places that they don’t belong. The software can be installed wirelessly through a home PC or Bluetooth.  The software will allow you to store a fixed mount of locks that the shape shifting key can open.

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