Noah Ruede – Questions for Dr. Donovan

My three questions are all basically the same, but on different subjects.  How, if at all, do we need to change?

I would have loved to have read your “Cookie Monsters” article but unfortunately I wouldn’t have been able to do so without a subscription.  It is clear that children benefit from technological environments far more than we give them credit for– one need not look any further than watching a toddler use an iPad.  But the internet carries it’s own set of benefits and risks.  An environment strictly involving hardware and software is far more predictable than one involving other, often adult humans operating under the guise of relative anonymity.  How, if at all, should our legal protections, regulations and social norms adapt to allow for children to get the greatest benefit from the internet while minimizing the risk?


Intellectual property law is a massive issue, and will only get bigger and more complex as technology progresses.  How, if at all, should our legal system adapt to maximize creativity and productivity while still protecting people’s work?  Or is it even fair to protect an idea at all?


Many would argue that our system of education in the US is outdated, if not outright broken.  It’s become increasingly less affordable to get a good education, especially in the places and for the people who need it most.  And perhaps our teaching methods aren’t adapting enough along with the ever-changing social and technological landscapes.  Some might also argue that we have lost sight of what education truly means– to obtain knowledge and understanding– and have instead been conditioned by our current system to focus more on trying to quantify it.  How, if at all, should we restructure our system of education?

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