Is Google making us stupid?

Where can technology take us – Utopia or Dystopia?

The article ‘Is Google making us stupid?’ shows us that nowadays the internet is doing something to our brains whether we admit it or not. Everybody may aware that is true which our life style is completely changing with inventing of computer and internet and smartphones.  Sometimes we are even forced to change our behavior in order to follow rules of modern technology. I think this has many cons than pros.

I admit that usually it is great and convenient. For example, when it comes to Google, I always use Gmail, Google Drive for my study and… actually all of my life these days, and I can’t live without Google maps. Youtube. Google News. Google Play… All the brilliant services.

But on the other hand, I feel I am getting very lazy these days. I don’t need to pick up a newspaper in the morning or get out buying a movie ticket for next weekend, I don’t need to walk and search for the new location. And I don’t need to visit library for an assignment anymore. Some people even think we do not have to study or memorize anything because every useful source is already on the web and we can access them very easily in these days.

However, I do not think Google is making us stupid nowadays. Although we are getting lazier in these days because of technology, at least our brain is getting smarter and wider in some sense. We are still concentrated reading articles and books, but medium has changed these days. Our brain will be evolved with the progress of technology. We just need time to adopt new technology I think.



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