Suly Paredes – Re-Making

Original Plot

Snow white is a children’s play based on the fiction fable Snow White and the seven dwarfs. In the original playwright, Snow white was born through a wish her mother wanted born. She ends up meeting seven dwarfs of different emotions: Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy and Sneezy. A Prince is out in search for a Princess to love, but a witch is out to ruin the love and keep the Prince from feeling the love of Snow White. The Witch ends up giving Snow White an apple, but the apple is poisonous and has a spell of which she eats and cannot be awakened unless kissed by a Prince. Once the Prince finds her, he gives her a kiss as she lies with her eyes closed. She awakens soon after she is kissed and lives happily ever after with the Prince.

The playwright/story does not imply much about the seven dwarfs. Each of their names is their own characteristic, which in the adventure is pretty much showing how they are by their name, but not being shown as anything else as to what they can really do other than who they really are.  The Witch only wants to poison Snow White and stop her from getting the Prince.

Re-make Plot

The story will begin with two parents living in the suburbs. Two parents who are always struggling financially, emotionally and physically, end up winning the lottery. Nine months after winning the lottery, still having a certain amount of millions, the woman gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. The baby girl was born in the winter snow and was named after the current event, Snow white.  Snow White will grow up as a foster child because of both parents ending up in an accident. Snow will find a letter that her parents left her about her seven cousins helping her grow, but by the time she read the letter, she was already grown enough to lie on her own. Her parents left her the inheritance from the lottery winnings.  Each of her cousins has a certain disorder or specific personality, so she renamed them accordingly: Drowsy, Looney, Dyslexic, Angry, Silly, Smiley, and Skinny.  Each of her cousins counters her current moods. Angry is nowhere near when Snow yells at a complete stranger in the park. Little does Snow know that, the one she yelled at was a voodoo lady named, Voodoo.

Voodoo hires a spy to follow all Snow White and her seven cousins to find out what their biggest weaknesses. She finds out that Snow is schizophrenic and finds a piece of her hair strand. As Snow continues her life as if nothing is to happen, a gentleman falls deeply in love at first sight with Snow White. He begins stalking Snow’s every move and realizes that he is not alone in the stalking. Once he finds out about Snow’s mystery stalker, he follows the stalker back to his destination to realize that Voodoo is doing voodoo on Snow. He then wants to become a hero and tries to stop Voodoo by attacking her with his S.W.A.T Team. Voodoo’s assistant runs off with the Snow voodoo doll and throws it in the ocean. Snow tragically dies drowning in her bathtub and the inheritance is no longer available because her seven cousins betray her and run off with the cash. Snow White dies, the gentleman disappears and the seven cousins live happily ever after.


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