Journal Mid Term Entry

One of my primary goals was to show the need for cooperation from our world governments alongside the business community and other entities (social media outlets) in order for this project to work.   Its definitely possible once you display how the good out ways the bad, and as a matter of fact it has already happened with the social media revolution.  Face book is a prime example of how the world social structure has changed through the adaptation of social communication in real time.  So much so even our political leaders are campaigning through the social media arena  From marketing advertisements to political campaigning social media has embeded values in world operations.  Even at home when hurricane sandy hit people where rushing to gain internet access were ever they could.  everyday citizens are now real time reporters documenting crime all the way down to police brutality by the use of cell phones.

This revolution of technology and social structure justifies the need for more control on the net.  The proof of governments starting to either create laws or impose restrictions on internet providers and or its users displays the current trends and road leading down the path of a fully governed body for the net  It also shows proof of acknowledgment by the government conforming and confirming the social change / revolution.  This leads to the organization of the net and the reason for me creating a constitution, bill of rights, laws to fully govern the net.  once this set up we can then focus on the grid structure, jurisdiction, patrolling, and conviction of violators of the net.

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