Suly Paredes – Pre-Proposal

The majority of the time, people all around the world are rushing to get from point A to point B and do not have enough time to grab anything to bite or drink.  Every time anyone is busy or stuck in a location where they cannot move for another few more hours, people usually have a craving for any small bite for the moment.  With the invention of the Mobile Grub, people will be able to put their stomach on silence for the few extra hours they need to get through.

The Mobile Grub will be able to fit in your purse and/or pocket no matter where you travel.  This device can create any breakfast ingredient you desire to go.  It will have the ability to not only create your favorite breakfast meal, but also have the ability to fill up your stomach in the size of a pill.  The only external requirement is water in order to fully grasp the flavor in your mouth.

The Mobile Grub will have special touch screen features that will allow you create and set the ingredients you prefer at the moment.  At first people may want to test the ability of the power of the device, and they will create an ingredient of random choices.  The Mobile Grub will have default presets of certain meals already installed, but for those who want to create a new taste there will be a meter showing how good or bad of a taste it is and a meter for how healthy or unhealthy it is for the human digestive system.

For research purposes, I will look for the everyday recipes that most people in America eat (including those who come from round the world).  The size preference will be much like the iPod Nano 6th generation but with the combination of any device that has an exit port to have the pill be put out, and size is as small as a phone, so that it is able to be carried anywhere and allow for the pill to come out from the side.

The technology will vary from high-tech to dummy-proof.  By that I mean it will be used for anyone and everyone.  The Mobile Grub will mainly for anyone from ages of 10 and up, but food can still be made for for children who can dissolve pills.

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  1. Very good, Suly. And you have a wealth of information to draw on. You could start with NASA and even contact them in regard to the work they must commission for the space station, future flights etc. Even seeing how research is conducted in this way could provide insight into methodologies for developing The Mobile Grub. This would make for terrific material for your journal too but does not have to be limited to that–Im sure there are other applications as well. Look forward to seeing your R&D.

  2. Ahmad Woods says:

    Pretty cool but I think you should narrow this down and make it more feasible
    You should probably look into like the powdered drinks or syrup when you pour it into water it turns it into a drink with nutrients and vitamins water doesn’t have.
    Also look into how vitamins work since they often mimic the nutrients we find in food. I think your 3 deliverables should be a system diagram, a drawing of how the thing looks and possibly a sketch of how it works. Like where would you pour the water into and where does it dispense the “food”, perhaps a paper prototype of the device.

  3. Noah says:

    I could definitely see this being a good project for the semester; it’d just be a matter of working out the specific details.

    3 Research suggestions:
    1. I would look into what technology if any is out there which would allow the simulation of specific tastes without one eating the actual food.
    2. To research how the device would make the pills, maybe look into what chemicals would be involved, how they would be stored, and how they would be made into a compact form with such a small device.
    3. I’d also research how the pill might expand in the stomach to satisfy hunger, and the possible side affects of what taking too many might have.

    3 Deliverables:
    1. You could make a video depicting people in various situations who could use the Mobile Grub, and how they would use it in their situation.
    2. You could make a physical or virtual model of the device.
    3. You could make an interaction diagram for how the user would select the dishes or ingredients.

  4. wilmerD says:

    very interesting on getting a healthy meal on a pill and on the go. like the idea because in some cases people travel a lot and just forgot to eat their breakfast or forgot to pack their breakfast, so that’s were the mobile grub comes in. this can be helpful even in a situation where someone is starving and has a little amount of food to go on and its in the middle of the afternoon or evening they can still use the mobile grub to eat their breakfast. im curious to know how the pill is going to be form and to have that flavor of the meal that the user chooses
    research suggestion =

  5. ianhdesigns says:

    Conceptually these URL can organize how to create the pill replicator design

    Deliverable’ s

    1. color coded powder chemicals in tubes formulated to pressed

  6. ianhdesigns says:

    Conceptually these URL can organize how to create the pill replicator design

    Deliverable’ s

    1. color coded powder chemicals in tubes formulated to pressed
    2. the chemicals have a fast acting delivery system
    3. the pills make up should contain an appetite suppression

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