Ian Hodgson & Rosa Lee

Invention Pre-Proposal


Topics & Perspectives

Professor: Adrianne Wortzel



Cyberpole is an organization commissioned by the IWIC to in short authority/ police the Internet and it’s associated cyberspace environments.  Cyberpole it self is governed by the IWIC (International World Internet committee).  The IWIC like the United Nations is a collaboration of world governments, which has set up a constitution and laws by which governs the Internet and its surrounding cyberspace.

Conceptually the structure and or framework for organizing the Internet are derived from a virtual form of our modern day DMV.  Its premise will be focused on securing identification for its users known as a virtual license.  A virtual license will consist of not only a workstation IP address but also a personal identification code issued by DVIU (Department of Virtual Internet Usage).  This will not only ensure whose committing cyber-crime but their location at the time of violation.

The technologies surrounding Internet enforcement framework will be programing with Python, PHP, JAVA SCRIPT, XML, and JAVA.  Also assistance from the business communities will be a requirement, specifically Internet providers and browsers.  Basically Restrictions and notification need to be imposed upon their clients.  For example: illegal pirating and downloads will result in notification of violation to Cyberpole and immediate suspension of service.  Depending on the number of violations users gain points on their license.  As well as a monetary fine not limited to or exceeding $1,000 dollars.  The maximum amount of points a user can procure is 8 at which time their VL will be revoked and place in remediation so that it cannot be used.

We know live in a society where information and communication is more expensive than the value of a dollar.  With the dramatic increase in cyber-crime identity theft is among the most prevalent next to copy write theft.  Then of course globally the world is affected by the war on terror.  So much so the war not only exists in a physical realm, it’s also in a virtual realm.  These terrorist don’t even have to leave the comfort of their caves in order to recruit, manipulate, organize, and dispatch there dangerous activities due to the internet and lack thereof its security.  Also the internet has provided a safe haven for black market activates and distribution.  The business community struggles to cope with their loss in revenue which eventually lead’s to unemployment.  By imposing structure for the internet we ensure a safer environment for it free usage.  The internet was not created to create a new path for crime to thrive but to increase communication and travel of information.





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