Suly Paredes – Invention Wish List


Invention Wish List

#1 – Camera Contact

Everywhere I go I tend to want to take a picture of the most outrageous or the most beautiful thing I spot in the moment, but I usually can’t because I either have my hands full or don’t have my phone or camera with me. At most times I see the most unusual things with people on the train, but I don’t want to make it obvious that I’m capturing their weirdness (a way to avoid a public argument). With the blink of an eye you can just capture the moments!

#2 – Robotic Wing-Man

There are many times I go to a party with a group of friends or family members that are mainly shy and mainly broke. So there are times when I would prefer to hang out with someone more adventurous and and giving. So a creation of a party robot that is not afraid to do anything. Such as getting on the dance floor and dancing or going for a beer run or even socializing, this party robot will be the hit of the party and its with you the entire night to make sure you are having the time of the night! Better than what your friends/family would make it! This robot can even make drinks faster than a bartender.

#3 – Portable Food Maker

Ever wanted something to eat but you didn’t have the money or was able to leave your current location at the time being? A portable food maker would help you get through the moment and shut the growling of your stomach. It would be a small device that can fit in your pocket and can expand into a hand size microwave to actually create something to nibble on for the time being, not like a huge turkey, but something to get your stomach through the moment of being extremely hungry.

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