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Like most people I have mixed feelings about the internet. The existence has certainly made a lot of thing more attainable. The article, Introduction: The Unique Phenomenon of a Distance mentions all of the inventions/ robots that man has created over time to make life simpler; such as the remote control, microwave oven, etc. However these things have simple definable functions. The internet does not. And the fact that there are no limits on its functions, I find it both terrifying and amazing. Amazing in a sense that we have something with the potential to fix all and heal all; however in the wrong hands it can destroy the world. With technology more is being discovered everyday. As more and more is uncovered in terms of technological advances, a large about of information recorded with outdated instruments will be re-written. I think a large part of these advances can’t be attributed to the internet, and its ability to provide a faster and much broader pipeline of communication that allows information to easily be shared at a rapid pace.

Like most good things it not always used for good intentions. I think that people need to be aware of not only the benefits of the internet, but the dangers as well. Sure we like the convenience of paying our bills online; some companies only provide that option. As long as we see a logo that say’s that our information is protected, in most cases we proceed with giving all of our personal information via a remote connection. Although we may worry about giving our information over the internet, it usually do not stop us from making more transactions online. I’ve personally have developed a since of trust with providing certain things over the internet, knowing the risk. I try to take precautions; however I know in order to use the internet “perks” then a bit of my information will be provided to advertisers for solicitation. I am also aware of the possibility of my personal information getting into the wrong hands. As long as you are not oblivious to the risk, you will naturally take precautions to protect yourself. As long people have the understanding that there is no such thing privacy when it comes to the internet, then it will be used as a tool; which is what it was designed for.



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