[Kim Yoonshik] Invention Wish List

1. Interactive Bible Experience System.

With the Augmented Reality technology, now we can make a virtual world and experience it. Using Head Up Display device such as Oculus Rift Headset and motion sensor like Leap motion, we can make a virtual Bible world. For example, users can explore the Creation in Genesis with visual effects in virtual reality and even can be a character in the Bible story and play game-like interactive Bible. User also can experience lots of virtual tours in the Bible.

2. Erasable Paper Printing System.

I believe that even though we have all the gorgeous future technology, we will still use papers for a while. So it would be good idea if we can use recycled papers for environment. We can develop some kind of paper and ink, and printing technology to make a erasable paper printing system.

3. Capsule Housing System.

Like an idea of cartoon ‘Dragon ball’, we can live in a capsule house in the future. It will be perfectly comfortable and self sustaining. It is for kind of emergency supply for situation of natural disaster, so suitable for individual surviving.



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