Invention wish list

Invention #1

This invention is called the “Seeker”. It is a sphere shaped electronic device about the size of a baseball that hovers over your shoulder and follows you where ever you go. The device is attracted to a homing sensor attached to your body or clothing. The seeker has many functions. The seeker will obtain pertinent information about you in cases of emergency, and the seeker also has the ability to pay for items via a scanning device. The days of caring a cell phone are over. All calls will be transmitted to a small ear insert, from the seeker. Also with the seeker, you no longer have to be strangers. The seeker has the ability (through AR) to read the information from other seekers to remotely introduce you to someone else. This function can be set to private. This device will also be fitted with a camera, giving parents the ability to keep a close eye on their children throughout the day.

In the event that you do not want the device close you, there is a sleep function. Buildings will start to be outfitted with docking stations for the seekers, which will be located towards the ceiling of the structure; providing a good focal point for viewing. When a seeker is put to sleep, it will find its way to an open docking station to rest and charge up, while still keeping a watchful eye over it owner. The seekers also have upgrades (security deterrents, bedazzled bling bling cases and ring tones) for extra.


Invention #2

This invention is called the thinking cap. This will be a fitted ball cap made by New Era. It has the ability to program information such as complex math equations, quotes, the Webster dictionary, etc. When you where this cap you are the smartest person in the world because all answers are transmitted directly to your brain. Talking a bout a smart device that makes you dumb! This cap can be warn to take any exam with out detection.



This invention is called the cooking stove. This is a stove outfitted with a touch screen LCD interface that allows you to prepare meals with the touch of a button. The stove has to be stocked and loaded with specially packaged dry foods such as flour, salt, sugar, etc) as well as foods that need refrigeration, such as meats, eggs, sauces. With all food sources stored in one place the stove will have the ability to mix and cook meals using predefined settings. The settings will tell the stove how much of an item to add, and presto; dinner!







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