Invention Wish List

Rosa Lee

Invention list

Governing the Internet

I want to create methods to govern the internet.  The idea came about china’s increased business acclimates including but not limit to out sourcing telecommunications.  also manufacturing/ distribution.  China is the leading industry for blue print/ copy-write fraud.  Their black market produces the largest amount of knockoff iPhone’s. Which it is now illegal to sell iPhone in china.  When big corporations like Apple send blue prints to china for production and distribution information is sent then stolen that’s how a lot of western products are replicated without any real reprisal.  Also personal information on the net is so readily available that not only prospective employer can do there own investigation on you but amongst all of the white collar crimes out there identity theft is the largest.  Due to the lack of restrictions companies like Google map can show exactly where you live with the pictures displayed.  You have to take the initiative to request your information to not be displayed.  Fundamentally this is wrong it should be they should request your permission to be displayed. One might argue that in the 80’s the phone book directories would display your info without your permission, but this is not true.  As a matter of fact when you requested telephone service with Bell Atlantic (carrier of the time for telephony) you were asked if you would like you info listed, or unlisted.  I propose to set a body of laws to govern the internet, to increase accountability, and deter cyber crime.  As much as the internet has revitalized and created a new world economy, it has also provided a place for unregulated crime to flourish and spread like a virus.

Virtual tracker

With the advancement and accessibility of GPS technology I propose the virtual tracker for dogs.  Today its common practice to dress your pets with implant id chips.  the concept arose from lost dogs and pounds trying to locate their owners.  The chips aided the battle of overcrowded city pounds having to euthanize animals due to lack of space.  With the virtual tracker once activated your pets location in reference to the location of your pocket size controller.  It also acts as a trainer for your pet by releasing a painless vibrating pulse to let the pet know something is wrong.  With the controller and treats you can train your pet to come home. One special note is that this invention will only work for one pet after activation. This will prevent insane people from killing pets just to get the GPS chip to resell it for money.

Portable Temperature Regulator

Have you ever been outside when it really hot and wished you had AC.  Well know you can with the portable temperature regulator your able to control or manipulate your body to a desire temperature.  This technology may also be used for regulation of high fevers.

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