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In temps to combat piracy on the internet, internet carriers Verizon, Time Warner, At&t, Comcast etc. are trying to enforce what there calling a six – strike – program to discourage illegal client usage of the internet. The program consist of ISP address monitoring.

  • The first two infractions will warrant an email notification informing clients of the infraction.  A coupled with the email will be an informational attachment on copy write laws.
  • The third and forth violations warrants a splash screen where you have to follow the steps and acknowledge your illegal trading or you wont be able to continue using the internet.
  • The fifth and sixth offense warrants an email and splash page with a 14 day suspension of service.

For the internet providers to now want to truant their clients usage is a direction result of pressure from the business community for the loss in revenue suffered from their clients activities.  The real question is it legal for your service provider to monitor your usage on a free entity?  For example if your rent a car and rob a bank with it can the rental car company sue you for misuse of their property.

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