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Ian Hodgson

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Invention Wish List


Concept I

My first wish list conceptual item would be the governing of the internet.   I compare the current state of the internet to an old book “The Lord of The Fly’s”.  In that story a group of boys no older than 12 were stranded on a deserted island free from adult supervision, rules, or any form of authority for that matter.  At first it was wonderful everybody did what they wanted but eventually friends turned on friends and killed each other.  In comparison to the internet it provided a wonderful way business wise to connect the world in real time but now there are more entities taking advantage of this new technology to their own benefit than the advancement of mankind.  For example: terrorism is affecting the world with its members and assaults increasing by the use of the internet.  My Idea is to incorporate the world internet community (IWIC).  Unlike the United Nations in order to us the internet your country would have to participate in the law now being governed by IWIC.  The countries refusing to participate in the IWIC will face satellite embargoes.  Once a country accepts invitation into the IWIC they would be required a system of identification and laws like the DMV and traffic laws govern motor vehicle drivers.  Roads are free to travel and transport goods so would the internet.   Like DMV requires a license so would the IWIC of which would be nontransferable as well.  Also like any state requires a toll to be paid when crossing state lines so would the IWIC each country could charge an operators fee for doing business in that country of which cost would be determined by the IWIC.  This will immediately create even trade with in the world stock markets and make it hard for people to operate illegally online from other counties like off shore gambling.  Laws will be created for violations and strictly enforced to worst life to exile for internet usage.

Concept II

My second conceptual item would be iris recognition passports.  How many times have we heard stories of people getting stranded in countries because of their identification being stolen? On your birth certificate there will be an iris print as part of identification.  Like any passport renewal registration fees are still mandatory.  When traveling to different countries your information will be stored by embassy virtual data repositories, And accessed through immigration/custom services located in every international airport.

Concept III

My third conceptual item would be virtual contacts.  These contacts would be able to receive GPS mapping data, voice recognition, calendar voice respondent itinerary calendar, real time voice respondent email, real time voice respondent text, lastly voice responsive Google search. Visually it would appear translucent as though not to impair sight. When walking across or into the street the actuator clears vision for safety but when in a vehicle only GPS functions are available, with email and text alerts.

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