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Hi class, my name is Yoonshik, Kim. You can just call me Kim. I am from South Korea. I came to New York in 2005. As you know, English is not my mother language so I am still having a hard time to catch up, but so far so good. Thank God!

I would like to ask all of you to forgive my awkward grammar and pronunciation. Also, cultural deference, too.

I worked for a small design company when I was in Korea. After I came to New York, I graduated from BMCC/ CUNY, Multimedia programming design major and then transferred to City Tech Emerging media design major last year.

I am interested in Emerging media, especially Interaction design, Web develop.

I like audio/video editing and some programming, 3D graphics also. If something is cool, I am ready to learn all of them!!!

You might hear that “Koreans like to do fast”. Yeah. That is true. I like to do everything fast. But not only that, I do my work fast with perfection.

I am familiar with most of Adobe CS programs (Flash/Dreamweaver/Photoshop/Illustrator/After Effect/Indesign/Soundbooth),

Maya/Blender and Microsoft Office and HTML/XML/CSS and little bit of Java (processing) and action script 3.0.

You can see my previous works at (

I am still considering choosing between PC and Internet. What is the most effective invention? PC was invented in 1974 and Internet was invented in 1969(five years before PC). World Wide Web (WWW) is appeared in 1989. Maybe I should say all these three inventions together are the most effective in humane history. I am sure you would agree with me.

It feels significant to me the fact that Internet was invented even before Personal computers. I know there were some military issues, however, I think it tells us humane want to be connected to each other whether it is on line or off line.

As we all know, PC and Internet have changed everything. Now we got smart phones and tablets just like in the science fiction movies in the 70’s. I believe all of these were possible because of the progress of Internet and personal computers.

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