Hi classmates my name is Wilmer Dumaguala and I’m in a emerging media program, this is my last semester and my goal is to graduate asap by the end of this semester with my bachelors degree with no delays. Then my future goal is to go on into the real world and try to find a descend job and start my career and help out my family in any way possible.
My interests are in the field of video editing and composing video effects. Haven’t use final cut pro for a while now. So I’m forgetting on how to use it. I have edited many photos in Photoshop in my own time. I like learning interesting programs and keeping up to date on the technology.
My favorite sport is soccer but I like to play any sports, I like little bit of everything in music, food and movies. I like to put work first then have fun.

Im a team player if it comes to a teamwork exercise. I get my part done and try to help others.


The invention I found interested to me was the “invisibility cloak” it came to my attention that this invention could be use for a military purpose. I have known of this invention for a while now but I haven’t really but so much though into it.

Now that I think of it, this could be useful for people who go to war. It could really help a nation in combat and reduce the deaths of many. This idea of mind comes from many shooting video games. For example “ghost recon” is one video game that has this idea and invention. So I was thinking, if this invention could be made possible then it would serve better for the people in the military or in the navy but not for civilians to use. This invention should be use wisely and for a highly purpose only. People in the army risking themselves to save their country for the great of good, should be require to use this invention. This invention could be a great tragedy for any military to use. Sneaking on the enemy could be really effective than letting the enemies knowing you’re coming. It will also decrease the amount of time needed to end a war. What use to take 3 or 4 hours could end in 1 or 2 hours, a huge difference in saving time.

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