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My Name is Rich. I am currently a telecom professional that’s pursuing a degree in Emerging Media. Although I make a living with telecom my passion has always been technology. My number one goal while in school is to obtain as much knowledge and information about new/ emerging technology as possible. Making the switch from telecom to whatever job I pursue in technology should not be hard because the telecom industry itself is so technology driven.

Although I can go into many creations I would have to choose the personal computer (micro chip) as being the best invention to date. All of the great and useful things that is afforded to us by computer apps and the internet are all made possible by the ability to process a huge amount of information in a small enough package; as well as being affordable, that will fit in the average home. Certainly we all heard the horror stories about the super computers of the past that was the size of a house. That’s pretty scary.

Prior to the PC, information was not often readily available. I guess back then instant gratification extended as far as calling 411 when you needed a phone number. In order to obtain information about a specific subject, it would involve a lot of legwork. It would require searching for good material and reading tons of books and articles.

When the PC was introduced to the home, it made obtaining things from tangible items to basic knowledge readily available to us. It changed how everything was viewed. It changed how our teachers teach, and how our industries are ran. I chose the personal computer as the best creation not because it was the creation of all things that are great, but it was an engine that was able to deliver it us. It brought us all of these great things. And did it in a way that we understood and could interact with it. Bringing this technology to the average household enabled us to play a part in the growth of the technology.

By way of apps and the Internet, anyone that is willing to learn, has an opportunity to create, share and market to an audience that 10 years ago was impossible to reach. As home PC’s become more powerful the users experience will only improve. With the interfaces as well as how humans interacts with technology constantly changing, the PC as we know it today is certainly not the PC of tomorrow.

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