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I’m a rather shy person but I make an impact for those who know me. When I was younger I liked too watch the discovery channel a lot. Mostly with my brother but learning was always fun back then. As I grew my knowledge acquisition was less then substantial, I used to think the only time I learned anything was in summer school but it couldn’t last and when time came to move on to higher learning I was tasked with a manic choice because I wasn’t really happy with the world as it was so how could I ever find my place in it?

I figured the future stuff is full of options and something really amazing so it seemed like the only place worth looking into. The science stuff was the only thing to Wisk me away from games and cartoons. As science advances I realize that the three start to meld into one and not only those three but all that other crap I shamefully disregarded was given a whole new light of possibilities and everything deserves a second chance and the innovations that science bring will cement those rocky concepts I’ve taken for granite as a true diamond in the rough.

While puns are fun and rhymes are sublime science marches on. Sure it’s toward TV and movies but that only shows that possibilities are only what you make of them and I want to make a whole bunch of them and I have the TV shows to think for that… well them and the internet. My time in the library is more then enough proof that I couldn’t even attempt this stuff while out the open source movement but YouTube also proves that I can’t be left to my own devices so tech school was for me I guess. I’ve been wrong before so maybe that’s why I like second chances.

I also like human interface technology. Trans-humanism is the place to be so any line being blurred is an improvement for any one that needs the impossible help only a fool says we can’t give them. After all when you need something that’s a responsibility so a line should be blurred and not crossed cause that’s how you end up with privacy invasions, computer viruses, no more death star plans. I mean really, do you even know how much good for the world a weather dominator can bring?

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