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I’m Daniel Plas Rivera, my interests used to be technology, as time passed i graduated my old school with a computer programming degree. In my younger years i was seeking to make my hobbies into my profession. Doing this did not turn out well since now I’m unhappy with technology since i now run my own web design company. I work all day 24/7. My life lesson I’ve learned is to not make your hobby your job. I need a break from life, I need a break from technology, if I could have it my way I would break all computers on this planet so I can get a vacation. But to have success you must make sacrifices so that’s why I’m continuing my education in 2012.

My skills are WordPress, PHP, 3ds studio max, maya, Python, MAX MSP, Actionscript 3.0, Processing, CSS, HTML, java, bootstrap, Arduino, Video Editing, Promos, Posters, CD covers, photo touch ups, logos, and any graphic designing needs. Successfully manage, coordinate or do graphic design projects from concept through completion. Manage all operational, strategic, financial, quote/bid, staffing, and administrative functions, adobe illustrator, Dreamweaver, Computer Repair, Computer Networking, Network Design, Electronics Troubleshooting, Electronics Design, Operating System Installations, Computer Maintenance, Workstation and Server Hardware Installation and Maintenance, Network Cabling, Printers, Set up and program Cisco equipment, Hardware Monitoring, Computer Upgrades, Network Troubleshooting, Customizing PC Gaming Systems, Network Installation, Network Maintenance, Configuring hardware for new PCs, Electronic Equipment Maintenance and Care, Carpenter, welder, and maintenance of the scene shop, drawing.

As being part of my generations new job force, it’s been observed that we are heavily relying on technology in the future to advance mankind but we are doing it in a self destructive way. When the average American goes to work in the office, they do not move, they start work at 9am all the way to 5pm, usually the job description to sit in front of a computer and compute a job. I believe time has come to where technology has advanced but the way its incorporated into the office workforce of jobs. When I worked back at my old IT job, we used old computers and old things because it wasn’t productive in a sense for productivity to upgrade. This in a sense of productivity is fine in the short term but for the long term that employee’s mental and physical health is at risk. Someone not moving for more than 10 hours doing his or her job can be nothing but damaging to a person. Now that technology has changed and evolved to the point that our smart phones are smaller than our wallets and even faster than our computers from 5 years ago we can change the workplace. I believe it’s time to incorporate new emerging technologies and reinvent the work place for the benefit of the employee’s health to lead to a more productivity and happier workers. There’s been a breakthrough with the invention of the Google glasses but there has been no work implication of bringing it into the workplace. I want to do that and that will be my mission.

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